Monday, July 19, 2010

FO2010 course commences

Here I am blogging on Day 2 of the course because yesterday morn was spent sorting out my blog. There are many 'ideas' running through my head at the moment which I think I will have to control/manage by using the old fashioned method of putting pen to paper and see where they lead (if anywhere).
I am working my way through the growing list of participants to view their blogs and gain an understanding of their perspectives (industries, experience & goals) coming into this course. I won't have enough time each day to read everyones blog updates so I have selected some to follow that I believe have similar perspectives to me. The thought of being a facilitator & having to check everyones blog updates regularly in a course this size reminds me how I need to work on my time management skills (different time management skills to the juggling act that is being a full-time mother).
I want to learn to facilitate an introduction to online facilitation for F2F facilitators who I work with (when I return to work from mat leave early next year).
I also want to consider which components of our induction program could be modified to facilitate online (blended).
In terms of oniine facilitation I am currently completing the FO2010 course to gain skills as an online facilitator and build a network of colleagues. I am also continuing my online research to identify current trends in online facilitation particularly re:technologies.
I would like to develop my skills using the relevant technologies - keeping up with all communications and facilitate using Elluminate. I would also like to build and maintain a network of colleagues within the field of online faicilitation.
To achieve these goals I need to apply myself to completion of this course.
I am going to post this blog before I press something and lose the last 30 mins work.


  1. The thought of keeping up to date with everyones blogs is big, Even the thought of putting them all into my rss feeder is too much but I look forward to getting the time.

  2. Good on you Kim! Looking forward to meeting you online...

  3. I was thinking about time management as well, but then I decided, why worry? Just dive in and have fun, and learn what you can. If your not learning and/or having fun, you should be doing something else.

  4. Hi Kim,
    I think you're selling yourself short. Time Management as practised by working (or studying) mothers must surely be, by definition, exemplary!

  5. I took part in the 'Connectivism' course 2 years ago with 2,000 participants. Suffice to say, I followed a few blogs and had some very wonderful deep conversations. As you say, there's no way you'll be able to follow all.

    The other thing I would say is...also follow people who have completely different perspectives and experiences. You learn just as much from 'differences' as you do from 'sameness' :)