Thursday, October 21, 2010

Getting lost in a good way

I am thinking about preparation for my Mini-conference assignement which I want to conduct an asynchronous seesion about survey questions.

In researching past mini-conference events I have been getting list in various links to people and things they are/were/have been thinking about.

Strategies for managing multi-membership in Social Networks' by Bronwyn, Jeffrey, Sue and Sylvia..great work! This event was makes me realise that the power is in keeping it simplle but relevant to the audience. It got me thinking about how I manage my social networks and I got some great hints on how I can improve.

Everytime I go into Voicethreads it is a buzz, I find it so insightful (between the podcasts and voicethreads I think I am becoming an auditory learner..who would have thunk it?) Maybe I will use Voicethreads, might have a bit of a play with it first.
Oh how you learn from your mistakes...I just accidentally posted this blog to the FO2010 course blog...Sarah had given me access to blog on tips for WizIQ...I don't think I can be trusted anymore Sarah, maybe it is just too late in the evening.
I am enjoying making mistakes I learn so much. Oh yeah that's what the mini-conf is for.


  1. Voice threads, first comment I read about them was from Coach Carole, now you have me interested and away I will go, more to learn- cool

  2. Hi Kim...I got very confused there for a moment LOl So rushed off and kicked you out of the FO2010 blog so you no longer have any magic powers there :0 :)

    I was just thinking about this idea of being an auditory learner...if you had a choice what would you listen to a recording or watch a video?