Saturday, April 2, 2011

FO2011 has commenced - enjoy the ride!

I have just listened to a recording of one of this years sessions for FO2011 on my iPod. Wow having the recordings available to download to a portable listening device has added another dimension and turned this into a mobile course, aswell as an online course.

I must admit I am a little bit envious of those who are completing the course this year. I have such fond memories of the 'adventure' I had, learning about so many new tools and technologies, techniques and the experience of being introduced to so many wonderful online facilitators. I am not surprised that there are some familiar names in there completing the course again. Given the time availability I must admit I would have gone for a second round, but perhaps I will join in some of the online elluminate sessions.

It is always so ....'comforting' to hear Sarah's voice (Sarah Stewart), she is truly a facilitator who knows how to engage and encourage students.

Having involvement from the group of facilitators and learners from ifacilitate in Hawaii adds another dimension to the course, I will have to check out that course, which is a little shorter in duration.

This is the first time, in ages, that I have posted on this blog - since the end of the course last year. I have been posting (very irregularly) on Kim's Thinking. (note to self - must keep blogging).

I have returned to work and am enlisting (annoying) anyone who will listen to join Yammer - the corporate version of a social media site and am starting to get involved in using MOC (Microsoft Office Communicator) as a tool for conducting online training/coaching sessions. The skills that I learned last year have really given me a grounding for using these new (new to me) tools, you've gotta work with what you've got...even though there are so many great free tools available, usually firewalls prevent us from using them in a corporate training environment.

Good luck to all participating in FO2011, I am sure you will enjoy the ride...and learn heaps!

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  1. I too am keeping a eye on FO2011 because I too have such fond memories from last year of the course. Please to see you are interested in MobiMOOC.